Improving the Energy Efficiency, Safety and Air Quality of Your Home

Efficiency Maine
Energy Assessment
An assessment​ for up to $1500 in HESP2 incentives and PACE/PowerSaver Loans takes 3-4 hours and cost $350 for two visits. The furnace/boiler is checked for safety and efficiency, a blower door test and infrared scan will assess the baseline building performance to identify those areas that will have the biggest impact on energy use. It also includes review of contracts for rebate compliance and inspection of improvements with a blower door test once work is completed. UNITIL and SUMMIT customers can receive an additional $1500 rebate.
Not employed by an insulation company, no sales commissions, conflict free recommendations and advice. I work for you and have no incentive to try to sell you more than what is cost effective, not all homes can benefit financially from more insulation and air sealing. I'll determine what needs to be done to your home and provide you with the information to effectively deal with the registered vendors. Any contracts will be reviewed to make sure they are not bloated with unnecessary work. I will test and inspect their work and certify to Efficiency Maine that it meets HESP2 standards.

Testing​ and Mitigation​
Maine Registration Number PSM23901

Air Mitigation Starts​ at $950
Water Mitigation Starts at $3900​
​Air Test $150
Water Test $125
Repair Of Existing Systems​ By Bid
RRNC By Bid​

Code Compliance
Blower Door Test $195
Duct leakage Test $245
Residential Energy Code TPI​​​​ By Bid
Radon Standard-Installation or Consultation
State of Maine Third Party Inspector #65​
New Construction
​​Site Visit​ $100
Plan Review $75
Infrared Camera Scan $100​​
Blower Door​​ Driven Air Sealing By Bid
Over Thirty Years Construction Experience​
Home Buyers Audit
An audit​ of the home you plan to purchase for an assessment of energy efficiency and air quality $275
(Air quality as affected by the physical
​conditions of the home
Remember : Insulating without air sealing is malpractice