Improving the Energy Efficiency, Safety and Air Quality of Your Home

Serving Oxford County
Efficiency Maine
Energy Audit
An energy audit using Snugg Pro modeling software will identify the areas of the home that will benefit from efficiency upgrades. The upgrades will be estimated for cost and return on investment for use in deciding what should be done. A blower door and thermal camera are used to measure the air leakage of the home and to find areas of missing or poorly installed insulation. Any structural or air quality issues found during the audit will be identified and reported. The audit can qualify the home for up to $1500 in rebates and the PACE/PowerSaver loans from Efficiency Maine. A downloadable report will be provided for use in hiring vendors and for your records. The audit takes 3 to 4 hours to complete and cost $350. After the work is completed another blower door test is conducted to show the effectiveness of the air sealing and the work is inspected for compliance with HESP2. The rebate forms will then be sent to Efficiency Maine.

Testing​ and Mitigation​
Maine Registration Number PSM23901

Air and Water Mitigation by Bid
​Air Test $150
Water Test $125
Repair Of Existing Systems​ By Bid
RRNC By Bid​

Code Compliance
Blower Door Test $195
Duct leakage Test $245
Residential Energy Code TPI​​​​ By Bid
Radon Standard-Installation or Consultation
State of Maine Third Party Inspector #65​
Local Plumbing Inspector #1116​
New Construction
​​Site Visit​ $100
Plan Review $75
Infrared Camera Scan $100​​
Blower Door​​ Driven Air Sealing By Bid

Home Inspection
An​ inspection of the home you plan to purchase to provide you with the information necessary to negotiate the contract with the seller from some one with over thirty years experience in construction, energy efficiency and air quality. Cost is based on the size, age and condition of home.
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